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Miguel Chiriap is a powerful healer, "shaman" (or Uwishin, a honorary title that the Shuar tribe has been using for centuries) from Ecuador. He has been working with the medicine for thirty years now, and since fifteen years, he has come to Europe regulary to share his knowledge and help people to cure themselves with his aid and the medicinal plants he brings with him.
On this website information about his travels to Europe will be published and the possibility to visit him near Gualaquiza in Ecuador. Add your self to the mailinglist,to be informed... and send your questions about treatments and the possibilty to stay with the family to or use the mailform below.

Follow this link to read a statement about the tragic death of Leslie Allison



Ayahuasca or "Natém" as it is called in Shuar, is one of the most important medicines of the indigenous tribes in the Amazon. Its main substance is a vine (Banisteriopsis caapi), but there are many varieties. Another important medicine plant is tobacco, "Mapacho" or "Tsaank" in Shuar.




The Natemamu is one of the deepest rituals of the Shuar that purifies all physical and spiritual cells. It is very healing and harmonizes the life of the participant and all his relations.
Natém will be prepared without other plants added and will be drunk in huge quantity.

Follow this link to read a statement about the tragic death of Leslie Allison




Next to Miguels house at Kupiamais there is a guesthouse where people can stay, during the Natemamu or for a longer period, to study and live with the extended Chiriap-family.
Address and phonenumber are to be found under contact; N.B. the calls will be answered in Spanish only!



Information about ceremonies in Europe and at Casa Chiriap in Kupiamais

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Miguels is an outstanding musician and singer. During ceremonies, he sings the Sacred Songs of the Shuar, accompanying himself with traditional instruments as the Kaer, a shaman-violin and the Tumank, the Shuar mouth organ.




Here you can look at some nice pictures of Miguels houses and family, as well as pictures taken in Europe. Do you have some nice pictures you want to share? You can send them by e-mail to(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


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Kupiamais; Gualaquiza (Morona Santiago); Ecuador
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