Miguel is an outstanding musician and singer. During ceremonies, he sings the Sacred Songs of the Shuar, accompanying himself with traditional instruments as the violin and the tumank, the Shuar mouth organ.

The sacred songs that are used in the ceremonies connect to the universe, they connect to all forms of the creation of the father.
The combination of the healing plants and the vibration of the songs makes it is possible to enter to different dimensions to heal the physical and the spiritual,to harmonize life and love of the person.

There are songs primarily to open the space of the ceremony to send a message to the spirits of the different dimensions, who are the guardians of the universe, to ask them permission in order to heal. And, there are songs that were transmitted by the ARUTAM (like ETSA, SHAKEIM, NUNKUI,the TSUNKIS); These most ancient songs that were taught by them are used for different ceremonies like NATEMAMU and TUNAKARAMAMU.

In this way the beautiful songs of Miguel were taught to him by his mother and father,family and teachers, by the sacred plants and the spirits of the lakes and rivers and the rainforest.